Amethyst & Green and Purple Fluorite Crystal Wands

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Natural crystals aren't just pretty to look at, they have many healing properties too.

Crystals can have a powerful effect on your energy levels, promote chakra healing and even give you the support to find balance and harmony within your life.

Amethyst can support and develop your psychic abilities, while fluorite can awaken you on a spiritual level and enhance your body's healing potential.

These small crystal wands are ideal for adding to your meditation altar or for use during reiki or an energy clearing session.

Each crystal measures approximately 38 x 18 x 18mm* (standing at 1.5 inches tall) and comes carefully presented in a free pouch.

Crystal wands are a wonderful gift to enhance your spiritual practice or as a present for a special someone.

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* Please be aware that crystal sizes may naturally vary.